Boxing – the fascination of power

The versatility of physical and mental challenges of boxing remains fascinating for many. You too can train your overall state of fitness with our professional boxing trainers.

Boxing is one of the oldest sports disciplines for mankind. It has also remained one of the most popular disciplines - not only for spectators. The reason for this is that there are only few sports activities that offer the complete workout program such as boxing does. It is all about power, stamina, speed and coordination. In addition, it has an enhancing effect on your mental fitness: boxing educates reflexes as well as concentration skills, and it brings out perseverance, self-confidence and courage.

Boxing – For your overall fitness

Are you ready to train your fitness skills from top to bottom to forget everyday life and to vent stress? Then come and learn boxing at the Executive Sports Club – it´s perfect for you. This is where you learn and train the discipline of boxing together with experienced coaches. The systematic step-by-step training guarantees quick progress and success in technique and stamina. You can immerse yourself and improve your acquired technique afterwards in a sparring-match with those boxing students who have your training level.

Your exclusive training program for boxing
at the Executive Sports Club:

  • Tailored programs for individual needs
  • Professional training for boxing carried out by skilled trainers from the Deutschen Sport Bund and from the Deutscher Amateurboxverband (the German sports federation and the German boxing association)
  • Optimally-equipped training facilities and training equipment


Choose your training module from our comprehensive training offer:

  • individual personal training
  • open groups from beginners and advanced levels
  • sparring-match under professional supervision
  • company training in small groups (max. 4 members in a group)
  • kickboxing or women kickboxing & body shaping
  • Thaiboxing or Shibodo


Boxing as Personal Training

Our boxing personal training takes place at flexible times between 6.30 pm and 9.30 pm. You can set up appointments with us and then come to our training facilities.

You find the Executive Sports Clubs in the „Welle” – Haus 5, Reuterweg 18 in Frankfurt am Main –  behind the Alte Oper. Parking facilities are available in the „Welle”.

The training ca take place on other location on request.

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Boxing – Setting the course

The Executive Sports Club offers its members weekly boxing- or martial arts courses.

For detailed information see our course plan.

Basic Boxing

As a beginner you develop gymnastics, skipping, shadow boxing and sandbag training and learn basic skills. You learn and train basic attacking techniques like the Jab, Punch, Hook and Uppercut.

Advanced Boxing

Learn new hit techniques for attack combinations and counter techniques. You train your condition and foot work in intervall drills. You, together with a partner, develop reflexes, speed and the feel for distance.


Practice a free match (light contact) in boxing. With different partners you use your newly-learned techniques for attacks, defense, and counter. You learn boxing tactics for different types of opponents – whether offensive or defensive boxing; tall or small people, heavy- or light weight opponents.

Woman-Kickboxing & Body Forming

This is a mix of kickboxing and TaekWonDo where fist punches and kicks are allowed. You learn an intensive and complete martial arts´ and conditioning training including punch and kick techniques. An additional feature is to train away the problem zones of belly, legs, bottom as well as strengthening your back.


Your ultimate fitness workout predominantly consists of fitness training deriving from boxing and kickboxing. This is how you optimize fitness and coordination skills.

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