Welcome to the Executive Sports Club

Boxing, Thai-Boxing, Kickboxing and Personal Training in Frankfurt am Main

Achieve the benefits of increased health and a better general fitness level with us. Exercise is the key to permanent physical and mental fitness.

Choose from any of our extensive training courses in open groups, small groups or personal training for men and women and find the perfect counterpart to your daily work-life. With our training you can easy obtain achievements like loss of weight, raise of effectiveness or fortification of your immune system.

With our emphases set in boxing, kickboxing, thai-boxing, womens boxing and womens kickboxing you get an optimal training in general fitness, endurance, speed and coordination. The Boxing- and Kickboxing training is furthermore an ideal medium to better reflexes and a boost in self-confidence.

Our offer is extended to those in and around Frankfurt am Main looking for an exceptional way to exercise and stay in shape. Out trainers distinguish themselves by many years of experience and know-how matched by high flexibility for an intensive and individual work-out.

Find more detailed information on the following pages and schedule a free training session.

We are looking forward to welcoming you,
sincerely Executive Sports Club Team

Executive Sports Club News (german only)

17.12.2019: Öffnungszeiten Weihnachten und Silvester 2019/2020

Der Executive Sportsclub macht in diesem Jahr Weihnachtsferien. Vom 24.12.2018 bis einschließlich 01.01.2019 haben wir geschlossen. Ab Donnerstag, dem 02.01.2019 ... [mehr]

19.07.2019: Eingeschränktes Kursangebot in den Sommerferien vom 21.7. bis 11.8.2019

In diesem Jahr bestreiten wir die Sommerferien vom 21.7. bis einschließlich 11.8. mit einem reduzierten Kursangebot. Folgende Kurse finden in diesem Zeitraum NICHT statt: ... [mehr]

17.12.2018: Öffnungszeiten Weihnachten und Silvester 2018/2019

Der Executive Sportsclub macht in diesem Jahr Weihnachtsferien. Vom 24.12.2018 bis einschließlich 01.01.2019 haben wir geschlossen. Ab Mittwoch, dem 02.01.2019 findet das ... [mehr]

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